What's Your Family History Story?

Share your family history story!

Have you ever pondered, or been able to answer any of the following questions? Your recorded story can start with one of these:

  • Is there a famous person in your family?

  • Is there a specific family member you're looking for?

  • Are there any new-found family discoveries--marriages, children of which you were unaware?

  • Family grave sites--have you found any?

  • Have you located any death certificates, and if so, were you surprised about who signed them?
  • Did you do your ancestral DNA sample (eg "Ancestry by DNA.com", "23 & me") -- and were you surprised with the results?

  • Who do people say you look like?

  • Are you looking for your family of origin, due to adoption?

  • Have you ever wanted to do a family reunion, but don't know where to start?

  • Have  you taken genealogy classes or attended a conference, only to be disappointed with what you got from them?

  • Did your family own property during the Civil War, or colonial times?  Have you been able to locate it?

  • Did your family own slaves?

  • Are you familiar with the census schedule, or the Family History library?

  • Any discovery of family members found in prison?

You are invited to share your stories on these topics--and more!

We'll exchange with you family memories, traditions, photos, and favorites. Together, we can discuss and review genealogy tips and tools.  

If there's something you want to know about or discuss, start a forum topic--or contact us.  

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