4th of July 1976

by Damon
(Los Angeles)

(left to right) Dean, Damon, and Mark - playing with firecrackers

(left to right) Dean, Damon, and Mark - playing with firecrackers

(left to right) Dean, Damon, and Mark - playing with firecrackers
The Whole Gang - 4th of July 1976

It was the 200th anniversary of our country's independence, July 4th 1976. Family from my mother’s and father's side had come together to gather at our house in celebration.

I was a kid but still have vivid memories of that day. My mother barbecued using the recipe from my Uncle Russell. The house was packed with family and the spirit of joy.

I remember hanging out with my cousins Dean and Mark, who were older and were allowed to handle fireworks. I watched those two light firecrackers throughout the day and thought how cool it would be to do the same when I turned their age.

The adults sat around in groups and had conversations while the kids played in the streets. I played with my cousins--Fletcher, Margo, Rachel, and ran in the streets with cousins Michelle and Jona.

My sisters enjoyed themselves and even joined in a few games with us.

This was probably the largest gathering we ever had at our house, but we would still get together at my Aunt Sandra and Uncle Russell’s house for years to come.

My cousin Leon captured the gathering with his camera. This photo that he took is still so memorable to many.

It seems that whenever I see old cousins, someone often brings up that day and how they wish we could still have those types of gatherings today.

As families grow and their children start their own families, sometimes we can drift apart. Although I don't see my cousins, aunts and uncles as often these days, I still cherish the good times we spent together.

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Oct 03, 2013
by: Chante

Is that my Uncle Jimmie in the Blue Jean outfit?

Oct 02, 2013
by: Paula Adams

This day is one of my most favorite childhood memories. A close second would be 1988 in Chicago with my sisters, brother, mom, Donna Watts, and Chicago cousins!

Oct 02, 2013
The 4th
by: Dean

Man I was rockin' the Afro! As you said Damon, I remember that day so fondly and have always loved that picture of what I call, "boys being boys!"

Thanks so much for not only the memories, but the smiles these photos brought!

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