About Us


Here's a little about us and why we're here--

We are the Taylor Family of Southern California.  

I'm Dawn, and along with my mom, Joyce and brother, Damon--we welcome you to our site!  We have enjoyed learning about our family history over the years.  We created this site because we-- 

  • like talking about genealogy
  • are passionate about researching our ancestry
  • love to help and encourage others to discover their own family "roots"

It all started with Mom (Joyce), whom we have coined as, The Genealogy Grandma.  She developed a love for family history research when we organized our first "Love Family Reunion" in 1986.  She has been a genealogy buff ever since.

As for Damon and me, we have wanted our mom to catalog her experiences on a blog for years.  After a lot of prodding, she gave in and started to write and post.  However, the nature of a blog chronology was counter-intuitive to what she wanted to do.  

I've edited a family newsletter before and have been building websites since 2007.  My brother is also a techie. So, we thought by using our skills, this would be the ideal forum for Mom to share what she has learned over the past 27 years.  

As the next generation, we wanted to share our insights, too.  After so many years of tagging along on Mom's research trips and genealogy seminars--the interest in family history has definitely rubbed off on us! And we have also helped organize a family reunion, or two.

Along with the support of our dad, 3 other sisters, nieces and nephew, and brothers-in-law--we stepped out in faith to create something we hope will be very special.

We invite you to enjoy what we've started here.  We are continually adding more content each week, so please continue to visit us.  

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And, Share a family history story of your own! 

And let us know if there are any family history topics you would like for us to talk about.  We would love to hear your comments via Twitter, our 'contact us' page, or just write to tell us "hello"!

Wishing you all the best,



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