Our Family History Story

Our family history story begins with our mom, Joyce AKA "Genealogy Grandma".  She's been a genealogy hobbyist for 27 years, and is one of the family historians for both her mother's and father's lines.

She keeps a journal of her research and observations, which we would like to share on these pages.  My mom talks about my great-great grandfather, Miles, how our aunt helped us get started with our first family reunion, and the story of her bandleader husband.  We hope that in reading, you will be inspired to start or continue a family record of your own.

Enjoy!  Here we go--

Joyce writes:

I love genealogy. It is unquestionably the one thing I love to do above all others, and that is, research my ancestors.

I love imagining what their lives were like.  I love trying to put the pieces together and I miss--oh, how much I miss those who have gone before me.

I would love to be able to talk with them.  This reminds me of a dream I once had, where I got to talk to my paternal great-grandmother, Eliza Jones-Love, seen here:

Eliza Jones Love

In the dream someone tells me that Eliza is still living, and that I have only one day to see and speak with her before she is buried again. 

So, I rush to see her, she is in a casket, but can talk. I tell Eliza that I am so happy and excited to meet her and I have so many questions to ask.

Can she tell me the name of her father and can she tell me the name of her husband’s father, Miles Love? 

She looks at me, her black face is as smooth as silk, no lines, she looks many years younger than I had imagined, and without hesitation she responds, “Oh dear, you will never find that information because they did not keep good records back then.”  

I felt so defeated. The opportunity of a lifetime just passed in an instant. After that short conversation I woke and wondered for days what it all meant. 

I still ponder the meaning of that dream, but what I do know is I cannot give up, not now.

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