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3 Quick Family Reunion Tips You Can Use Right Now


Are you looking to plan and organize a Family Reunion? Here are 3 quick tips to help ease the stress

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Family History Stories


Share your family history stories and photos. Get tips on researching and preserving your family tree.

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Your Best Genealogy Discoveries

What are the best genealogy discoveries you've made in your family research? Do you have a great tip? Please share!

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Restoring My Aunt's Book

Aunt Dorothy's Scrapbook

I have been searching through old family photos for this website... In particular, I really, really wanted to find photos of my great aunt, Dorothy.

Continue reading "Restoring My Aunt's Book"

Favorite Family & Holiday Gathering Memories


Do you have any favorite family or holiday gathering memories? Take a trip down "memory lane"!

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Jumping Into the Pool--Finding Hidden Ancestors Using DNA

Genetic Genealogy

I had never taken a genealogy DNA class before. Genealogy Grandma (my mom), and most of my family had taken an array of the popular tests being offered

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Family History News


Family history news stories can be hard to find in your local newspaper. Visit here to know what's happening in this big, wide world of family history and genealogy.

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CAAGS Conference 2016 - Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

Dr. DeGruy's book

When I chose to attend the Calfornia African-American Genealogical Society (CAAGS) Annual Conference, there were a number of workshop titles I wanted to

Continue reading "CAAGS Conference 2016 - Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome"

Join The Family Forum Showcase


On our family forum you can join topics for discussion, share reviews, opinions, and show off your family spirit!

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Seeing Santa!

Santa Memories

My brother's favorite holiday when we growing up was, like many children--Christmas. He used to love going to visit Santa. Here he is on the big man's

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My Best Discovery: My Paternal Side

After being away from my father for the first 27 years of my life due to situations and circumstances, I reconnected with him and met my grandmother(his

Continue reading "My Best Discovery: My Paternal Side"

Helping Kids Learn Their Family History

A fun project for families is to study the family history. It is a project that parents can do with their kids, no matter how young they are. It makes

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T-Shirts Are Here!

Big News! Family History Stories now offers an inspirational t-shirt for genealogy enthusiasts. Get yours today!

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My Half-Sister's Cousin

My friend of many years had introduced me to genealogy about 15 years ago. I, not being one that would be comfortable at my local library, I attempted

Continue reading "My Half-Sister's Cousin"

Fletcher, My Son

(l-r) Visiting at the hospital, with Cousin Helen, my mother Verna, Fletcher, Aunt Dorothy, my sister Sandra

I wrote this story about my deceased brother while in high school. My brother and I were very close, even though he was seven years older than me. He

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