Restoring My Aunt's Book

by Dawn

Aunt Dorothy's Scrapbook

Aunt Dorothy's Scrapbook

I have been searching through old family photos for this website...

In particular, I really, really wanted to find photos of my great aunt, Dorothy.

My mom and I were talking about crafting and artistic giftings being able to be passed through the generations.

I never knew that my aunt was quite the seamstress! We had never discussed that, or any other hobbies she had.

I did know that she could make these delicious dinner rolls from scratch. She used to make them during the holidays, and I have the recipe in her handwriting.

By the way, I am the carrier of making the dinner rolls :)

I suddenly got an urge to learn how to sew a few years back, and recently purchased a sewing machine.

So when my mom mentioned that Aunt Dorothy sewed her own clothes, I wanted to know more about that.

My mother mentioned that among the family's collection of photos, that there are some of Aunt Dorothy's creations.

I searched and searched through boxes, until I finally came across a scrapbook my aunt put together.

It's still in somewhat good condition as a book--although the cover snapped off when I carefully opened it.

I found lots of photos of beautiful gowns and dresses she made, so I'm pleased...

However, I am not pleased with the condition of this scrapbook. It's calling my name and begging to be restored.

It just so happens that I had taken scrapbooking training years ago and have tons of left-over materials yet to be used.

So, with my mom's permission Scrapbook Reconstruction begins!

What about your family? Are there old photos, momentos, and pieces of the past that are needing a facelift? To be put rightly put together?

Tell us about it!

Also, stay tuned for our Scrapbook Memories class--coming soon!

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