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If you have been keeping up with our site thus far... can pretty much tell it's all about our family's adventures in genealogy, family history, and our memories of great times.  Remember these?

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Helping Kids Learn Their Family History 
A fun project for families is to study the family history. It is a project that parents can do with their kids, no matter how young they are. It makes …

Fletcher, My Son 
I wrote this story about my deceased brother while in high school. My brother and I were very close, even though he was seven years older than me. …

A day at Pedra Do Arpoado 
Having fun with the kids, Rio De Janeiro Brazil. (Um dia de diversão com as crianças, Rio De Janeiro Brasil)

My Niece Is a Teen-ager! 
This little one (not so little now) was born on my birthday 13 years ago. I'm also her godmother. Since she became my birthday soul-sister, I have …

It's Sister # 3's Birthday! 
My middle sister's (#3) birthday falls in the first week of November and is the official kick-off of "birthday season" in my family. About 15 birthdays …

Food Watch 
When my sisters, brother and I gather at my parents’ home to hang out and visit with one another, we congregate in the living room and frequently laugh …

Restoring My Aunt's Book Not rated yet
I have been searching through old family photos for this website... In particular, I really, really wanted to find photos of my great aunt, Dorothy. …

Seeing Santa! Not rated yet
My brother's favorite holiday when we growing up was, like many children--Christmas. He used to love going to visit Santa. Here he is on the big man's …

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