Family Reunion Tips

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Are you looking to plan and organize a Family Reunion?  

Here are some tips to help make your job easier...

My immediate family has been the host of 9 reunions, 5 on my Mom's side on 4 on my Dad’s side.  Plus, my Mom was on the planning committee for one additional reunion.  

So, what have we learned after 10 reunions?  What advice can we pass on to others?  Here is a short list of things that need to be done:

1)  Select a Chairperson and a planning committee.

If you have been attending family reunions in the recent past, you may already have a chairperson.  Typically at our reunions, the chairperson is selected--usually by volunteering to host the next one in his or her home city. This can be done at the family business meeting, if that's a part of your program.

Other family members who live in the host city can volunteer for the reunion planning committee.  My family is quite large, so together we have served as the committee.  

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Sometimes, the chairperson is the only family member who lives in the host city.  If others can help serve on the committee, remotely--that can actually work.

My mom co-hosted one of our Love Reunions in Mississippi.  Neither she nor the other family committee members lived in the state.  But they were able to connect by phone and email.  

And they were able to meet together in Mississippi to finalize our hotel, program, and activities.

2)  There needs to be a budget.

You need to know how much you're going to charge people.  In other words, set a registration fee.  There are various ways of doing this.  You can charge a one-time fee per person that will cover the entire reunion.  Or, you can charge a basic registration fee, plus a la carte fees for different activities. 

Expect to “go in the hole” financially--in other words, the chairperson & the committee should be prepared to absorb unexpected costs that go into hosting. Being part of the host committee is not a way to make money. Rather, it is an act of service to your family.

3)  Secure a hotel.

You want to find a hotel as soon as possible.  Hopefully you have a nice buffer of time--more than 6 months (ideally, 1 year) to look for, and book a venue. Here's a short list of things to consider when shopping for a hotel:

  • Do they have catering or food service?
  • Do they have a shuttle service to and from the airport?
  • Is there a group rate?
  • Does the rate include a breakfast meal?
  • Is there a banquet room that will accomodate your group?
  • Is there a meeting room?
  • Do they offer free parking, or a discounted parking rates for groups?

Stay tuned for part 2 of these Reunion Tips, coming soon!

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