Grandmother Goes to Washington

by Dawn
(Southern California)

Grandmother with President Lyndon B. Johnson and First Lady Johnson

Grandmother with President Lyndon B. Johnson and First Lady Johnson

My grandmother was a very active volunteer in civic and public affairs, as I mentioned in Teas with Grandmother.

Here are a couple of photos in our family treasury--the first is Grandmother meeting President Lyndon B. Johnson, and First Lady Johnson. In 1967, she was appointed by the President to his Consumer Advisory Council.

The Consumer Advisory Council was established as part of the President's Committee on Consumer Interests, per Executive Order 11136 of January 3, 1964.

The Council consisted of private citizens appointed by the President to advise the Government on issues of broad economic policy of immediate concern to consumers.

The other photo is with Los Angeles County Supervisor Kenneth Hahn.

My grandmother is being sworn in to the Los Angeles County Adult Day Health Planning Council. Mr. Hahn appointed her.

Grandmother often took her grandchildren along with her to various public service activities around the city. It was common for us to be volunteer helpers for government officials, at political fundraisers, community meetings and charitable functions.

She also traveled to numerous conferences and committees around the country. One of the gifts she gave us all was the opportunity to travel with her on a special trip.

Each grandchild got his or her own personal trip, starting with the oldest in descending order.

When I was 10-years-old, it was my turn. Grandmother would tell me her itinerary of trips planned for the next few months. I could choose which one I wanted.

When I was informed that a Washington, D.C. conference was coming, it was an easy decision for me to pick that trip.

Based on what I knew of her White House history--and also on my parent’s prodding--I knew I would be in for an adventure.

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Nov 22, 2013
by: Anonymous

Yes, Grandmother was very involved in the community. I remember that she frequently attended committee meetings, and traveled around the country.

When it was my turn to take a trip with her, I was so excited. Each day, we had a full schedule. It was so much fun. This story brings back fond memories.

Nov 21, 2013
Trips with Grandmother
by: Damon

One of my first memorable trips was with Grandmother. That's probably where I got the bug to become a jet setter.

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